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Service Excellence:
We are dedicated to delivering services that accurately interpret our clients’ requirements and satisfy their expectations in an innovative, economic, and efficient manner. Our goal is to respond promptly and act beyond expectations, offering competitive prices and constantly upgrading our construction technology.
Relationships Matter

AKASH Construction values relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, and project partners, built on good intentions and trust. We believe in contributing to their progress within the sector, creating lasting connections that foster mutual growth.

Pride in Association

Our aspiration is to make our staff, laborers, vendors, and everyone associated with us feel proud to be part of the AKASH Construction family. This pride will be achieved through continual improvement in our processes and the enhancement of the skills of our workforce, all while conforming to international standards like ISO 9001:2008.

Quality Focus

AKASH Construction specializes in residential and commercial buildings, temples, schools, car showrooms, textiles, hospitals, hotels, and warehouses. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our infrastructure and the dedication of our skilled and experienced staff.

Indian Leadership Award For Constrcution & Design - 2013

Fastest Growing Indian Construction Company Excellence Award - 2014

To Provide Top Quality and Safe Construction Services to Our Customers, Through Ever Improving Performance and Teamwork.

The Company is Committed to Providing a Quality Service to its Clients Which Accurately Interprets their Requirements and Satisfies their Expectations in an Innovative, Economic and Efficient Manner.

To Respond and Act Promptly Upon Customer's Requirement Beyond Their Expectations at most Competitive Prices.

To Implement Advancements Through Constant up - graduation in Construction Technology.

To Create Permanent Relations with Subcontractors, Suppliers and Projects Partners Based on Good Intentions and Trust and Accordingly to Contribute also to their Progress within the Sector.

To Make Our Staff, Toiler, Vendors to Feel Proud to have Association with Us.

This will be achieved through continual improvement in our process and enhancement of skill of workforce while conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008

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